Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Stemedix Review: William for wife, Sharon C. (Evansville, IN)

"WONDERFUL!! Everything about the experience with Stemedix was outstanding! We are both nurses and I was looking for stem cell transplants and information related to memory loss-alz disease, etc. I first found a company in Chicago area and contacted them. After one call inquiring about their program and giving a brief medical history-less than 3-4 minutes, I was called the next day saying my wife was accepted! No paperwork sent, no lab work, no actual assessment only a few questions asked. I then found Stemedix and so glad I did. Our experience started with Sarah Day who was wonderful. I talked with Sarah briefly about my wife's medical history, the 11 surgeries in 9 months and some of the issues she was having. Sarah was very sincere and talked with me about the process and that they had an option in Costa Rica that was less expensive. Sarah sent me info and then called to see if I had any questions. She later called me and asked for some medical information so I faxed 66 pages of medical history, tests, scans, etc. A few days later she called and said they had reviewed her records and need some additional lab testing to see what her current medical status was. She emailed me the lab order and told me I could go to a local LabCorp lab in our city and they would fax the results to Sarah. A few days later Sarah called and told us that my wife was accepted for the stem cell transplants and asked when we wanted to schedule the procedure. I told her I would get back with her in a day or so and when I did Sarah gave me several days to see what would work best for us. I called and told them what appointment time was best for us and we got scheduled the week that was best for us. We opted to drive since my wife currently has multiple fractures-lumbar-sacral-pubic bone and right pelvis (all related to chemo and radiation therapy) followed by multiple fxs due to osteoporosis that was accelerated. The multiple surgeries were related to a post op wound infection following insertion of internal and external fixators. We arrived at the Residence Inn which was beautiful and Stemedix already had our suite reserved, etc. That evening Becky showed up to see if we had arrived and if things were ok. The next am my wife had her first HBOT treatment and Becky was there again to see if we made it to the clinic. The HBOT treatments went very well. Becky called several times to check on us. On the pre-op visit, we met both Dr. Balshi and Dr. Khan and they were wonderful with great "bedside" manner. They explained everything asking if we had any questions, etc. The day we showed up at the Stemedix clinic Becky was there to make sure we made it there and that we were doing ok. After Dr. Balshi removed the stem cells, they were taken to their lab for processing. While waiting in the waiting room, Dr. Khan had the nurse come ask if I would like to be there when he put the stem cells into my wife's spinal column. He gave me a mask and did the procedure and was very good asking if she was having pain in her back due to the many fractures she has had over the past 3-4 years. Due to the fact that we were told that my wife should not have caffeine for several days, she got a terrible headache. Dr. Khan sent Becky to Dunkin Donuts to get my wife fresh coffee! How thoughtful! Things went well and weather was beautiful in Delray Beach area in the 72-84 range while our hometown in Indiana was having winter snow and ice storms closing a few bridges in our area. We hated to leave beautiful Florida but finally had to come back. Sarah called me several days later checking on my wife and said she would be calling again in the next week or so and check on my wife. Everything was great and we have nothing but positive comments about the process and the entire team at Stemedix. I have already shared their info with a friend's of my sisters who has MS and is declining medically. If you are thinking about stem cell transplants--we recommend Stemedix and feel fortunate I found them. Bill and Sharon C-indiana"