Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Stemedix Review: Theresa M. (Felton, DE)

The physicians and employees are very knowledgeable, skilled , capable and experienced with all aspects of the process/treatment going forward. Every person that I spoke with from the initial contact right down to the transportation experts, were caring, courteous, & positive about the potential results moving forward. Everyone always did, and made time to return calls , converse and explain each step as it developed. Having just completed my stem cell therapy, I am now back at home, moving through the next stages of my life with MS with very optimistic thoughts that this treatment will bring positive result, even if only one day at a time. Being realistic will aid in my improvement and my patience will make it happen at the speed it needs to. Thank You Stemedix Team. I will KEEP singing your praises and keep passing out your phone number in hopes that other "victims " of this disease will seek out this center for treatment until there is a TRUE and FINAL cure.....

Monday, January 18, 2016

Stemedix Review: Kathryn P. (Boyertown, PA)

Great organization and great process for this treatment. Great service and great experience.  All aspects of the treatment were first class and done professionally and with care and diligence .  In emergency condition they went out of their way to work with the patient to help the situation and get the patient comfortable as possible.  All services and equipment were clean and organized.  Great Experience.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Stemedix Review: Stephanie R. (Erie, PA)

“I do believe I am experiencing a stem cell miracle. I woke up the morning after my procedure with no muscle flaring. I had been dealing with chronic muscle flare ups for almost two years without one single day of relief in months. For the following 4 days I had no more than 10 minutes of muscle flare ups and that brief time was caused by 92 degree heat - torture for anyone with MS. So a short, mild flare up in that case was much better than my usual in such conditions. Digestively I began to experience absorption of my food, something that hasn't happened in years. I am only 4 days post-procedure and already I have experienced major relief from pain and increased vitality. The future is exciting and I look forward to getting to share more of my healing in the future. To God be the glory!”

Monday, January 11, 2016

Stemedix Review: Roy H. (Weeki Wachee, FL)

My personal experience with stem cell treatment was very professional, coupled with state of the art
equipment,research and development that went into this procedure and knowledge of the entire staff.
Every team member contributed 100 percent of their time for my treatment. Stemedix exceeded my expectations and I was very impressed. Car service pick up was also always on time ,very caring,clean cars,I felt safe,outstanding in every respect.