Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Stemedix Review: Scott M. (Charleston, SC)

I was essentially debilitated by left hip osteoarthritis. Went to orthopedic doc who xrayed and told me I needed hip replacement. He called it "major" surgery with 6 weeks downtime and a walker. I've had 2 family members with negative outcomes after the hip surgery. So, I researched stem cell solutions and found Stemedix. Went to Costa Rica for the treatment. I'm at about 90 days. Debilitating sharp pain is gone. Still have some minor aches in the hip but nothing like before treatment. I was having my wife put on my left foot sock as it hurt to badly to do it. Now I can without pain. Range of motion is improved. As example, I could not reach the bottom of my left foot to wash in shower while standing..now I can. The procedure was less painful than a filling at a dentist. It took about 3 hours. Only one doc and a tech involved. Walked me thru the whole process before. Explained the equipment, everything. Very professional and friendly. As a bonus , I had pain in right knee for over a decade. I never mentioned the knee to Stemedix. In the procedure they split the cells between 2 injections in hip and the rest into blood stream. Knee has not hurt at all since. I personally know one person who died from a hip replacement surgery within the first 24 hours....so I wasn't going to have one without trying stem cell first. Their transport met me at the Airport very nice lady who drove me and cimmunicated The International hotel was great. There is a huge mall across street with grocery and restaurants. When I first arrived, I walked over to the mall, pain was so great i could hardly cross street. Day after treatment, I walked over with clearly improved hip. Happy I went. Worked for me....

Friday, January 11, 2019

Stemedix Review: Beth C. (Melbourne, FL)

Personally, I'm going back to Costa Rica for my next treatment (have MS). I love the Drs (much better bedside manner than in US), trained to Stemedix standards (seasoned Drs/anesthesiologists already), the people are Very friendly & most speak English. The country itself is quite conducive to healing in & of itself - absolutely GORGEOUS & calm/peaceful! After 4 weeks, I no longer need my walker. 2 months, my Dr still doesn't want to restart me on MS meds because of the continued improvement (much less pain, better mobility, no more brain fog, much better word finding, more energy, ability to function more 'normally', no more vertigo).Highly recommend Costa Rica!!