Thursday, July 13, 2017

Friday, July 7, 2017

Stemedix Review: E. Cogburn (De Leon, TX)

It was all a very pleasant experience.

Stemedix Review: Helen M. (Pocasset, MA)

Compared to other treatments available at this clinic for stem cell therapy , my procedure for stem cells was rather common- osteoarthritis of the right hip and facet joint arthritis. Because I was dealing with a licensed physician, after having a review and discussion about my MRI's and other medical records I realized that stem cell therapy would not completely address my back problems and the physician was able to offer me better solutions for my issues and honest outcomes to all procedures requested and recommended. I needed additional treatment which would not have been available at most other clinics without a licensed physician doing the treatments in a proper clinical setting. Staff was very supportive and all concerns were addressed, even verifying hotel information on a Sunday afternoon, again, thank you Stemedix Coordination Staff!