Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Stemedix Review: Robert S. (Opp, AL)

We did not feel pressure of any kind related to travel to the Stemedix facility. Our Care Coordinator had all the answers to any of our concerns. The doctor, well, we can not say enough "good" about her medical attention. Want to say that all the staff in the facility were extremely friendly and helpful. Anytime I had to call to the facility, there was always a friendly, helpful person on the other side.Thanks for the great Treatment ( medically and Socially). Our Care Coordinator went out of his way to inform us about Sites to see in the area and also drove us around a little to show us the places to dine. Big Thank you to him. He was always on time and ready. The hotel was great and the only reason I put an "agree" is because I could not get their WiFi to work. The staff downstairs tried to help but it did not work or there was not enough of something on their part. The staff was always good and the breakfast each morning was good. Thanks for a great experience.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Stemedix Review: Christine G. (Kiln, MS)

Stemedix was a new experience and it was well planed out. Staff were very professional. Hopefully, in the near further insurance will cover the procedure. The doctor and staff are leaders in the stem injection procedures "if you are not on the cutting edge you just taking up space".

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Stemedix Review: Cyndi R. (Elgin, IL)

“I was  pleased with the process and professionalism of the Stemedix staff.  We also loved the accommodations that were provided.  They were close and convenient. I was also impressed and pleased with my care coordinator who held my hand from start to finish, and was always available for any questions.  He was one of the reasons I made the decision to go with Stemedix. I will recommend more once I can determine if this therapy has worked for me since it's still a bit too early in the process to tell.  I would highly recommend this to anyone who has MS or other autoimmune diseases to give this a try. I feel this is the frontier of medicine and I am one of the pioneers seeing if this will be an effective treatment for me. I hope it is, based on all the good things I researched.”