Monday, May 21, 2018

Stemedix Review: Pieter V. for wife Brook (Okeechobee, FL)

Thank you Stemedix, the treatment experience was wonderful. From the time we arrived to the day we left we were treated like royalty. The hotel and transportation provided was really amazing. The doctor and assistance at his office was wonderful and they explained everything and made it very comfortable in every way possible. My wife has seen improvement in her energy levels and we are praying to see more improvement the next few months as we continue on this journey. Thank you Jackie Sell for all your help and always being friendly through all our questions and concerns. We highly recommend Stemedix to anyone seeking stem cell treatment! 

Stemedix Review: Lindsey G. (Mableton, GA)

I had stem cell done in 2016 for Multiple Sclerosis at Stemedix. I had recently spent a few months at the Shepherd Center and was in and out of a wheelchair prior to coming to see Dr. Brown. Most days I could not walk, I needed help to do basic functions and was on a huge bag full of pills to try and manage my symptoms. Stem Cell was a game changer for me! It is now 2018 and I have not had a relapse in 2 years (prior to stem cell I was averaging 3-4 relapses a month), my seizures are way down (I've had one in 6 months versus having 2 a day prior to stem cell). My wheelchair is in the basement gathering dust!! I feel and operate like a brand new person. And because of the benefits of stem cells, I am now off of three meds I used to need every day and two other meds I was able to cut the dosage in half. Not only have I regained my life and functionality back, I don't need near as much medicine to help keep my MS stable. All of the staff we interacted with were top professionals, the kindest and most knowledgeable people and helped walk us through the process with ease. I cannot give Dr. Brown and her staff enough praise for the work they are doing and how they treat their patients. I recommend stem cell to everyone I know. This is the future of MS therapy! I would do it again in a heartbeat, and hope to be able to do another stem cell round soon. 

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Stemedix Review: Robert W. (Goodhue, MN)

The entire process was great. From the first initial phone call we were treated with respect and caring.The staff did all the work for us, all we had to do was to get there. The hotel was ready with the equipment needed for our stay, transportation staff were friendly and helpful and always on time. Thank you so much !!

Stemedix Review: Don T. (Indianapolis, IN)

Was pleased but too early for me to assume an improvement.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Stemedix Review: Michael G for wife, Michelle R. (Meadville, PA)

we had a great experience and everyone was so friendly the only downside was we are from pennsylvania and we drove so it was tiring and took alot out of shelly. looking forward to seeing some results but either way we would not have changed a thing. thank you for a great experience.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Stemedix Review: Jonathon V. (Parkland, FL)

This was definitely a great experience .I have been living with ms for 3 years and its been downhill since Sarah was very helpful with getting all my records together. Total process was about 6 months from first call to procedure date due to finalize all of my tests .well worth the money spent.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Stemedix Review: Tashia S. (Smyrna, GA)

My Experience thus far with Stemedix has been great from the first call, to the hotel, to the staff/doctors, even down to the professional drivers and quality car services that they provided! I'll circle back around once the Stem Cells have had a chance to work in my body as I just had the procedure done a few days ago :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Stemedix Review: Kris G. for her husband, Robert G. (Houston, TX)

My husband has suffered from a number of strokes. When we first heard about Stem Cell Therapy for Stroke it interested him so much, he was immediately on the internet looking for a place to have it done. A family member found and directed us to strongly consider Stemedix and are so thankful. From the very first phone call with our Caregiver, Sarah, it was a wonderful experience. It took us about 4 months to gather the funds for the treatment and throughout that time Sarah guided us every step of the way with kindness and professionalism. She was available by email and phone, and always seemed to have plenty of time to address our questions and concerns. It was a very happy day for us when my husband was accepted as a patient and a treatment plan was revealed. The materials they sent were very helpful in helping us understand the HBOT and Stem Cell treatments they recommended. The trip could not have been more relaxing and stress-free. The hotel was lovely with full restaurants and others within walking distance. All our transportation was provided to the appointments for HBOT therapy and the Doctor visits, and the drivers were friendly and respectful. The pre-treatment meeting with the Doctor and the Anesthesiologist put our minds at ease. Treatment day was easy with no complications. He started seeing slight improvement the next day. We were just amazed and still are to this day that Stem Cells from his abdominal fat can heal his brain. Each week he is getting stronger and seeing improvement. Glory to God and praise to Stemedix for giving us hope of a more active life. We strongly recommend Stemedix to anyone contemplating Stem Cell therapy.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Stemedix Review: Javier H. (Moorestown, NJ)

Everything was clear from the beginning, getting the information, making sure I had all the answers and later setting up the appointment. Sarah was great and one of the reasons I decided to do it. Once I got there all went very smooth and personnel was great. Thanks

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Stemedix Review: Shannon E. (Waweig, New Brunswick)

I was diagnosed with MS in 2009. My health spiraled from being a very active 5 day a week gym girl who hiked and jogged nature trails to not being able to walk by 2012. The nerve pain and spasticity was unbearable at times. Once independent, I became a hermit. My body rejected the MS medications and I began to research possibilities for treatment. I decided on stem cells because nothing foreign was being introduced into the body. No surgery or chemo was being used. The biggest gamble was $ if the treatment did not produce desired results. Taking no action could cost me my life. It was pretty much a no brainer for me.

I had to make the important decision of which clinic I would go to for treatment. I contacted a Pacific based company and was instantly turned off by the ‘call centre’ environment and conversation background noise. I was straining to hear what was being said and frustrated having to repeat my emotional story due to a chaotic audience. Then I contacted Stemedix and received a call back from their client Care Coordinator Sarah. First I noted there was no background noise and that the conversation was private. She focused on what I was saying and asked her own questions. When I inquired about any information, Sarah was prompt in her response by phone or email.

Due to my problem with mobility it was a relief to have help attaining the required medical record needed. The Care Coordinator was able to act on my behalf with a signed consent form. The communication flowed at an effective pace and soon my treatment was scheduled.

Stemedix arranged for my accommodations and travel to and from the hotel, clinic and airport. The clinic staff and doctors were very professional and friendly which offers comfort during a trying time. The treatment itself was made easier due to the care and consideration given by attending doctors and staff. There was no down time or recovery period needed so all in all it was an awesome experience. I am in the repair healing stage following my stem cell treatment and the Care Coordinator keeps in contact on a regular basis. I would definitely recommend Stemedix to anyone considering stem cell therapy. Just make the call and I am certain you will receive the communication and comfort you need when having to make such an important decision. God bless!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Stemedix Review: Cheryl G. (Arlington, TX)

I could not have asked for a better experience. Everyone with Stemedix is kind and caring and takes the time to answer all of your questions no matter how long that may take and never make you feel as though you are being rushed or keeping them from doing something else or possibly running behind schedule.
I could barely speak prior to my treatment as 1 of the many complications from MS. Within 24 hours of my treatment there had been a 90% improv
ement in my speech. It is a true miracle. I thank everyone at Stemedix for their kindness and compassion. They truly want to help people. Dr. Kahn in my opinion is the best he did more for me in 24 hours than western medicine did in 15, I actually declined on western meds. Thank you Stemedix for saving my life!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Stemedix Review: Randina J. (Cincinnati, OH)

I’m very satisfied with my latest treatment and can’t wait to start seeing my results. I am so glad that I was able to have these treatments with you, I know that my quality of life has been greatly improved through stem cells!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Stemedix Review: Gordon S. (Signal Mountain, TN)

While it is too soon to know the actual results (2 weeks) I must comment on the operation itself. I have never dealt with a nicer group of doctors and nurses. The clinic itself is very neat and they are certainly well organized. Things happen just as they tell you they will. I would certainly recommend it to anyone with a need for stem cell therapy.

Stemedix Review: Maria P. (Brasília, Brazil)

Everything worked very well. I hope the treatment help with my conditions.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Stemedix Review: Robert M. (Galveston, TX)

After only 3 weeks, I think I can see some improvement in my breathing. I think it's too early to determine if there is any improvement in the RA.

Stemedix Review: Carole H. (Canaan, VT)

Very pleased with all my journey with them.

Stemedix Review: Maria S. (Rockledge, FL)

They really tried to make me feel comfortable and provided services very efficiently