Stemedix Review: Mary Ann (West Springfield, MA)

 I have 4 Autoimmune diseases and have tried everything I can think of. I am highly sensitive and have dibilitating side effects from allopathic treatments. I have tried every holistic method. I was deteriorating to the point that I could barely eat or get out of bed. Not only has The Thymosine treatment helped tremendously after only a few weeks, the staff is amazing. Kind, patient, professional and organized. If you think you are one of the lost causes and traditional medicine has failed you. Please give these folks a try.

Stemedix Review: Avi M. (Holon, Israel)

I had Stem Cell and exosomes treatment at Stemedix. treated very well from start to finish, And now they followed up several times to see how I progreesed. So far so good. gain  improvment every day.  Thank you so much

Stemedix Review - Tom K. (Wapakoneta, OH)

Great the people were fine and the experience was relaxing no pressure just an overall great experience for the conditions I have.

Stemedix Review - Cecilia O. (Seminole, FL)

 "Receiving Ozone Therapy as an adjuvant support treatment for Ovarian Cancer at Stemedix, has proven to be an effective and safe way to strengthen my immune system deficiencies in general. I have not experience any type of side effect after the infusions. I feel exhilarated about the good experience and excellent service that the Provider offered me each visit. Bryn easily captured my vein each time something which is difficult to do with me based on previous experiences. Thank You Stemedix!"

Stemedix Review - Tobin E. (Durham, NC)

From day 1, Stemedix has shown class A professionalism with their informative healthcare. Sarah, Becky & a host of other Stemedix employees were excellent in securing any doubts or concerns that I may have thought. Trust me, if you're suffering from an autoimmune disease, you really should invest the time to learn more about stem-cell transplant with Stemedix. 

Stemedix Review - Slavka C. (Mammoth Lakes, CA)

 "I was diagnosed with MS in March 2020. I have higher number of lesions and my symptoms include numbness, tingling In my feet and hands and weakness on left side. I started infusion DMT in May and I had a strong inflammatory reaction. My symptoms got worse overnight, it was then my husband and I started to research regenerative options and came across Stemedix's website. Sarah called us back and from the first phone call we knew this is an amazing option for us. My husband is a nurse and absolutely peppered Sarah with medical questions. Sarah is extremely knowledgeable and compassionate. She understands the medical part of the procedure but also understands the emotional decision making of the process. I had my stem cell transfer done in Seattle branch and Bryn was my PA. Again, an utmost respect to Bryn. She's so caring, knowledgeable and professional. Procedure was pretty quick, no side effects - I went for a 4 mile hike the day after! Now it's been 4 months after t

Stemedix Review: Eric H. (St. Petersburg, FL)

They did a amazing job. First I had PRP done and only to find after MRI I had a 2 years in my bicep area we decided on stem cells. After the injection of stem cells I was a little impatient as I wanted a quick fix. It wasn't until one day 4 weeks later I felt instant relief. I am use to working out daily and loosing so much muscle it's been frustrating. However with some peptide therapy and lots of hot and cold treatments the stem cells did there job. Not to mention my diet has been the beat ever. This injury has changed me as a person and I'm now back in the gym and are is 100% healed. I will definitely see these guys again as they did a amazing job. From when you walk in to the over all procedure they make sure you are as comfortable as possible. 5 stars ⭐️ thank you!