Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Stemedix Review: Scott M. (Charleston, SC)

I was essentially debilitated by left hip osteoarthritis. Went to orthopedic doc who xrayed and told me I needed hip replacement. He called it "major" surgery with 6 weeks downtime and a walker. I've had 2 family members with negative outcomes after the hip surgery. So, I researched stem cell solutions and found Stemedix. Went to Costa Rica for the treatment. I'm at about 90 days. Debilitating sharp pain is gone. Still have some minor aches in the hip but nothing like before treatment. I was having my wife put on my left foot sock as it hurt to badly to do it. Now I can without pain. Range of motion is improved. As example, I could not reach the bottom of my left foot to wash in shower while standing..now I can. The procedure was less painful than a filling at a dentist. It took about 3 hours. Only one doc and a tech involved. Walked me thru the whole process before. Explained the equipment, everything. Very professional and friendly. As a bonus , I had pain in right knee for over a decade. I never mentioned the knee to Stemedix. In the procedure they split the cells between 2 injections in hip and the rest into blood stream. Knee has not hurt at all since. I personally know one person who died from a hip replacement surgery within the first 24 hours....so I wasn't going to have one without trying stem cell first. Their transport met me at the Airport very nice lady who drove me and cimmunicated The International hotel was great. There is a huge mall across street with grocery and restaurants. When I first arrived, I walked over to the mall, pain was so great i could hardly cross street. Day after treatment, I walked over with clearly improved hip. Happy I went. Worked for me....

Friday, January 11, 2019

Stemedix Review: Beth C. (Melbourne, FL)

Personally, I'm going back to Costa Rica for my next treatment (have MS). I love the Drs (much better bedside manner than in US), trained to Stemedix standards (seasoned Drs/anesthesiologists already), the people are Very friendly & most speak English. The country itself is quite conducive to healing in & of itself - absolutely GORGEOUS & calm/peaceful! After 4 weeks, I no longer need my walker. 2 months, my Dr still doesn't want to restart me on MS meds because of the continued improvement (much less pain, better mobility, no more brain fog, much better word finding, more energy, ability to function more 'normally', no more vertigo).Highly recommend Costa Rica!!

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Stemedix Review: Kenny F. (Benton City, MO)

Dr. Murillo and staff did an excellent job. They were all very professional. thank you Dr. Murillo, Rosi and Hillary. I also want to thank Ms. Sell for making my experience great. I highly recommend STEMEDIX to my friends and recommend Costa Rica for treatment

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Stemedix Review: Dale J. (Goodyear, AZ)

I am seeing some improvements in my left arm and hand today I was able to move fingers on my left hand, which is new for me I also think I have Better balance which helps walking at this time I am hopeful I wil continue to improve. this should be good news for someone who had a stroke several years ago mine was in 2010 and the treatment is helping me that I am sure of

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Stemedix Review: William M. (Sun City Center, FL)

After a great deal of research we found Stemedix to be our final choice as we found answers to all the questions and were handled in a professional manner. We were treated extremely well from start to finish. And now Stemedix has followed up several times to see how we are doing. This is a class A+ company, and we would highly recommend them to anyone who has a need for stem cell therapy.

Stemedix Review: Judith M. (Sun City Center, FL)

During our inquiry at Stemedix to determine whether we wanted to use their services, everyone was very courteous and helpful, making sure the information was relayed to us in a timely manner and in a way we could easily understand.  We received prompt responses from phone calls and email messages and were treated with utmost respect in every aspect.  At our scheduled treatment we were greeted by our consultant and driver, Becky, who went out of her way to make sure our hotel accommodations were convenient and comfortable, and when there were glitches she never relented until everything was exactly as she had requested prior to our arrival.  She even got the microwave we requested to be switched to another microwave with English prompts on the face of it instead of whatever language they provided in the beginning!!  Never encountered THAT before!  Thank you Stemedix for a wonderful experience the entire time. Anticipating great results!

Friday, November 16, 2018

Stemedix Review: Ricki D. (Navarre, FL)

I am now back home resting from my stem cell transplant procedure in Scottsdale, Arizona. I cannot say enough positive feedback about the whole team from the inception of my relationship with STEMEDIX with Sarah to the receptionist at STEMEDIX, to those that received, analyzed and advised on my medical records, to the team members that met me in Scottsdale, Arizona upon my arrival to the staff at the resort where I stayed, and the resort with all of its amenities and beauty to the professional staff of physicians and support at the medical facility on the day of the procedure. They literally held my hand and attention throughout the procedure, which made a difficult experience much easier. I will be back for the 2nd procedure, very excited, and currently, I am following my medical directives carefully.

There are no options, winning is the only option, and STEMEDIX so far has played the major role in the battle to succeed against my health obstacle. I want to personally thank everyone for touching my life in such a positive manner in this battle. A big thank you to the medical team, and the doctor that performed the difficult procedure. I greatly appreciated her aggressive confidence and let's roll attitude. Again, thank you, and I look forward to what is to come next. A big thank you to all!

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Stemedix Review: Beth C. (Melbourne, FL)

I have MS & an extensive & complicated background. Jackie was able to help me when others would not. Stemedix was able to make all the accommodations needed so that my treatment would be a complete success!
I cannot stress how courteous, considerate & professional they are from start to finish - staff, nurses, company director & ALL of the doctors & anesthesiologists!
You never feel rushed or feel like there are unanswered questions. Ask & you shall receive.
I would HIGHLY recommend Stemedix to anyone with MS, chronic pain, etc.
Life is too short to not have quality!

Monday, November 5, 2018

Stemedix Review: Frank D. (Tampa, FL)

Suffering from 17 bulging discs and 1 herniated disc my life was constant pain. Pity is what I saw in multiple doctors faces after seeing my x-ray and MRI results. I was only 22 when the first doctor told me if he had to guess how old the person was only based off of the x-rays and MRI’s he would guess he was looking at a 60 or 70-year-old man. He he wasn’t the first to make similar remarks. I tried chiropractic therapy, physical therapy, deep tissue massage, spinal decompression therapy, actuatic therapy, opiates, NSAIDs, cortisone injections and nothing gave me relief. My pain has gone from severe to manageable and It’s only been a few weeks since my injections and IV, so I am excited to see the improvements yet to come. I had the umbilical cord stemcell treatment with platelet rich plasma injected into my spine and dr. Farrell and her team were absolutely amazing!!!! They talked me through the entire process and made the environment very comfortable to be in. The Stemedix team made the entire process from the initial contact to post procedure check up a breeze. Really great communication with their staff and they really seem to care for your well being. I’m really glad I found Stemedix and can’t thank them enough for the hope they’ve brought back into my life.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Stemedix Review: Eunice M. for husband Joel Dean M. (Redding, CA)

My husband has been suffering from Parkinson's Disease for 10 years. After falling & breaking his neck 11 months ago the symptoms excellerated rapidly. He started Stemedix treatment process 10-22-18 & completed 10-25-18. This is our 3rd day home & tremors have started reducing, violent tremors @ night have stopped the last 2 nights giving him 9 hrs. of sleep each night. Which he hasn't had for 11 months. We are very thankful for any sign of improvement. Especially, excellent care given to us while he was going through from preparation to go to FL from CA, time we were there in treatment to the trip back to the airport. Stemedix is an answer to prayer. Thank you Stemedix

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Stemedix Review: William R. (North Ft. Myers, FL)

Everyone i have dealt with was very professional,courteous,and friendly. sara  is my go to,she is very helpful and always willing to help answer all my  concerts. dr, k &assistant very friendly&knowledgable.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Monday, October 1, 2018

Stemedix Review: Douglas S. (Collegeville, PA)

Easy and professional the entire package ran like clockwork. Everyone was very helpful and friendly. The facilities, the accommodations, and the car service were all excellent. Now, I have my fingers crossed that the treatment works.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Stemedix Review: Robert B. (Jacksonville, FL)

My experience with Stemedix has been the best medical assistance I have received since my ailment. I will not hesitate to share my experience with anyone.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Stemedix Review: Gus N. (Land O Lakes, FL)

The staff was great, I'm yet to see results since I'm only into my third week post treatment for PD. feeling better though

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Friday, August 31, 2018

Stemedix Review: Willie G. (Detroit, MI)

To all that have an ear, let them hear. My experience with Stemedix was great. When I arrived in Florida I was met at the airport by a guy holding a sign with my name on it. He took me to my hotel. He later came back to take me to my initial appointment at Stemedix. The staff was professional and friendly, I felt at ease. When they took me back to the hotel I explored the town. The amenities that were offered were spectacular. Bars, restaurants, and shops were in walking distance, the views and people where great, food was great.  It was a Tuesday evening and the crowd in town was like a weekend crowd. Finally, about my treatment. I have stage five Kidney disease and diabetes. The treatment for my problems took less than an hour, it has only been a week and I have not been examined by my Doctor yet, but already I have noticed some differences in some things. I will continue to monitor my condition and hope to see continued improvement. I would recommend Stemedix to anyone hoping to improve their medical issues. I'll update you on my condition in the coming months. Sincerely, Willie