Stemedix Review: A. Cusimano (Orlando, FL)

My stem cell procedure was performed in April 2023 at the St. Petersburg office by Dr. Mastaw, a former Naval orthopedic surgeon.  As a medical doctor myself I knew what I wanted but having never tried stem cells for my Stage IV hip arthritis I didn’t know what to expect. Two Orthopedists I had previously seen said, “total hip replacement was the only solution.” This was unacceptable so I sought alternative medicine and looked into stem cells. Becky Palmer and the medical staff at the St. Petersburg facility exceeded all professional standards, by studying my MRI’s,  scheduling the procedure, and then performing the hip stem cell placement in about a 45 minute procedure where I was awake and aware the entire time. The results? Spectacular in a one word review. Within several days the excruciating pain has lessened. At first, I thought it may be just the results of the anesthetic used. But after a weeks time the pain had decreased to such an extent that the stem cells must have been the

Stemedix Review: Lou K. (Myrtle Beach, SC)

 I have just passed my 3 month mark of my infusion of Stem Cells for my COPD.  What a difference it has made in my life already and the best is yet to come.  I am still using my Trelegy like before the infusion, but have not had to use any Albuterol during the day as I did prior.  I can now already play golf without being winded. Prior to the infusion I used to play and get out of breath and use Albuterol 2-3 times.  In the past month, due to wet conditions I even played "cart paths only" which I could not even think of doing before.  To give you a better idea, I went to Lowes yesterday and picked up 12 bags of Pine Bark Mulch for my beds around the house.  I told my wife I would just put 6 out yesterday and 6 today.  I put all twelve out, trimmed and edged my lawn and cut the grass on my riding mower and then blew off the debris without taking a break.  I have 2 Pulmonary doctors, one from the Veterans Administration, and a private doctor at the Medical University of South C

Stemedix Review: Mike R. (Watervliet, NY)

 My name is Mike Rymanowski and I am 70 years old. I live in upstate NY just outside of Albany, NY and I was involved in a house grease fire on 10/30/1977. I was removed from the house not breathing and suffered major damage to my lungs. (Chronic Bronchitis, RADS/Reactive Airways Dysfunction Syndrome and Non CF Bronchiectasis) In June of 1997 there was a fire at an unmanned chemical warehouse (1 1/2 blocks from our home) on a Sunday night which released a massive chlorine gas cloud along with other chemicals. Three sides of the warehouse were evacuated unfortunately the direction toward our house was not. A year later we viewed a hazmat training video which determined the chlorine gas cloud was heading directly toward our home approximately 65% of the time of the warehouse fire. Since we were not evacuated we tried to sleep through the night (we had no idea of the severity of the fire or chlorine cloud ) but I just kept coughing. I felt so bad I was finally admitted to the hospital and

Stemedix Review: Steve N. (Bloomington, IN)

Awesome place. Everyone is very nice. Take very good of the patients. Let you know what they are doing. I would recommend them to anyone. I will go back if needed. Since the treatment I'm breathing better.

Stemedix Review: Heather B. (Kissimmee, FL)

Stemedix has me kinda walking now on my own. I very much didn’t think the stem cells worked for me at first. Then I waited like I was told and now almost 2 months out I am walking and not using my cane. I am still limping but I know I am just going to get stronger.

Stemedix Review: Alexandra V. (North Miami Beach, FL)

I found this center because I was feeling pretty bad, super tired, not wanting to do anything exhausted at 2:00 pm, which is rare for me since I consider myself a super energetic person, and full of light. After performing several tests, they found the cause of why I felt this way, something that a standard health study would NEVER have found! The best thing about this experience was Sara, Becky and Rebeca. I especially worked a lot with Sara and I want to tell you that her accompaniment is spectacular, she deserves the award for the best customer service in the United States!!!  Modern and current alternative medicine is what means that in my case, just one week after starting my treatment, I returned to being the same as always AS IF NOTHING WAS NOTHING, I advise you to go and do your studies, it will transform your life!

Stemedix Review: Julie J. (Avon, IN)

Sarah stuck with me for 1.5 years while I sorted my multiple issues out.  The doctors there reviewed my voluminous medical records.  I read and researched and talked to other places.  This is the place.  I am undiagnosed (because it's rare and difficult) autoimmune.  Now, figuring out brain and nerve issues (lipoma).  I believe this was all caused by multiple mercury amalgam fillings in my mouth since age 13 (now 57).  I hope this helps someone to notice their issues and cause.  Hope the stem cells help my connective tissue issues (lupus-like).