Stemedix Review: Heather B. (Kissimmee, FL)

Stemedix has me kinda walking now on my own. I very much didn’t think the stem cells worked for me at first. Then I waited like I was told and now almost 2 months out I am walking and not using my cane. I am still limping but I know I am just going to get stronger.

Stemedix Review: Alexandra V. (North Miami Beach, FL)

I found this center because I was feeling pretty bad, super tired, not wanting to do anything exhausted at 2:00 pm, which is rare for me since I consider myself a super energetic person, and full of light. After performing several tests, they found the cause of why I felt this way, something that a standard health study would NEVER have found! The best thing about this experience was Sara, Becky and Rebeca. I especially worked a lot with Sara and I want to tell you that her accompaniment is spectacular, she deserves the award for the best customer service in the United States!!!  Modern and current alternative medicine is what means that in my case, just one week after starting my treatment, I returned to being the same as always AS IF NOTHING WAS NOTHING, I advise you to go and do your studies, it will transform your life!

Stemedix Review: Julie J. (Avon, IN)

Sarah stuck with me for 1.5 years while I sorted my multiple issues out.  The doctors there reviewed my voluminous medical records.  I read and researched and talked to other places.  This is the place.  I am undiagnosed (because it's rare and difficult) autoimmune.  Now, figuring out brain and nerve issues (lipoma).  I believe this was all caused by multiple mercury amalgam fillings in my mouth since age 13 (now 57).  I hope this helps someone to notice their issues and cause.  Hope the stem cells help my connective tissue issues (lupus-like).

Stemedix Review: Rose M. (Taylor Mill, KY)

  Great place with caring people!

Stemedix Review: James P. (St. Petersburg, FL)

  One week ago I received the IV treatment from Stemedix. I was first referred to consider the stem cell treatment by my Yoga instructor who like me, had crushed, herniated discs in her back. I have abused my body terribly for over 40 years. Now I’m in my mid 60s and I am in the throws of the beginning of what I perceive to be the horrible precursor of osteoarthritis. I’ve had two shoulder operations, one of them a complete replacement. I’ve herniated my L4 & my L5. I had the ‘minimally Invasive spine surgery’… I don’t recommend it. Because it is anything but minimally invasive. On the day of my treatment my wrists & hands hurt so pervasively I could barely sign the paperwork before I went in to receive the IV at Stemedix. Tamara the PA, was excellent. She was extremely professional but I expected that. What I did not expect is to walk out of there and within six hours have zero pain at ALL, in any of my joints. No stabbing sensations, no throbbing in my shoulders. My lower b

Stemedix Review: Jonathan (New Smyrna Beach, FL)

The company is stellar. I have had a TBI for 3 years and immense pain through my neck and lower back. 3 months after treatment I am 90 percent pain free and TBI symptoms are relieving. They also referred me to great doctors that have truly care about my health and wellness. Do no hesitate hiring this company for your regenerative medicine needs. They are legit, fair in pricing, passionate and caring. Thank you so much