Thursday, January 14, 2016

Stemedix Review: Stephanie R. (Erie, PA)

“I do believe I am experiencing a stem cell miracle. I woke up the morning after my procedure with no muscle flaring. I had been dealing with chronic muscle flare ups for almost two years without one single day of relief in months. For the following 4 days I had no more than 10 minutes of muscle flare ups and that brief time was caused by 92 degree heat - torture for anyone with MS. So a short, mild flare up in that case was much better than my usual in such conditions. Digestively I began to experience absorption of my food, something that hasn't happened in years. I am only 4 days post-procedure and already I have experienced major relief from pain and increased vitality. The future is exciting and I look forward to getting to share more of my healing in the future. To God be the glory!”