Monday, October 29, 2018

Stemedix Review: Eunice M. for husband Joel Dean M. (Redding, CA)

My husband has been suffering from Parkinson's Disease for 10 years. After falling & breaking his neck 11 months ago the symptoms excellerated rapidly. He started Stemedix treatment process 10-22-18 & completed 10-25-18. This is our 3rd day home & tremors have started reducing, violent tremors @ night have stopped the last 2 nights giving him 9 hrs. of sleep each night. Which he hasn't had for 11 months. We are very thankful for any sign of improvement. Especially, excellent care given to us while he was going through from preparation to go to FL from CA, time we were there in treatment to the trip back to the airport. Stemedix is an answer to prayer. Thank you Stemedix