Friday, June 29, 2018

Stemedix Review: Lore L. (Monterey, CA)

About 25+ years ago I was diagnosed with COPD and have been researching stem cell therapy for over a year, believing this treatment could be of benefit. I had considered several other facilities but chose Stemedix, Inc. since they offered the Wharton's Jelly stem cells. My first conversation with the Care Coordinator, Jackie, was very informative and I felt she was very knowledgeable, beyond a call coordinator, and a caring individual that I could communicate with very comfortably. She was incredibly generous with her time to answer all of my questions and put me at ease. Once I made the decision to move forward, I received a very professional package of information, proceeded to submit my medical history and set a date. Upon arrival in Delray Beach past midnight, a driver was there to take me to the hotel. Upon arrival at the hotel, I had a package waiting which included the schedule. The following three days went like clockwork with transportation to my HBOT appointments, the initial meeting with the doctor. He reviewed my medical records and the procedure that was to follow the next day. The treatment itself was extremely easy and took about one-half hour. Actually no worse than going for a blood test and the nebulizer treatment was not unknown to me. The Stemedix doctor and medical staff were wonderful. I had the opportunity to meet the Stemedix manager and another Care Coordinator, who also acted as my drivers on the treatment day. Their help was over the top - when I needed a prescription filled for an unrelated matter. One could not ask for a more caring group of people. I felt like I was dealing with old friends. On the last day, I had one more HBOT treatment, was taken back to the hotel for checkout and the driver picked me up back to the airport. The hotel was excellent with dining facilities, a beautiful pool and the beach across the street. Since my return home, I have had several calls from my Care Coordinator. Nice to keep in touch with a "friend". I have already referred a couple of other people and am now waiting for those little stem cells to do their work.