Thursday, May 18, 2017

Stemedix Review: Randina J. (Cincinnati, OH)

Today is 7 weeks since Randina's newest stem cell treatment and the results have been astonishing! Since she is now living in Cincinnati, I have witnessed the miraculous things that the umbilical cord blood cells have done to help her balance, stamina, and overall health. I did not know what to watch for because this was a different treatment than her previous treatments which gave her back so much of her feeling in her extremities and fixed her swallowing and bladder issues.

During the first week she had a tremendous increase in her energy level...  Her strength improved every week thereafter, & because the stem cells are working so well, the atrophy she had in her right leg has disappeared, now making the left leg seem weaker. Her balance has improved drastically with no head bobbing,  very little shaking and only walking with one crutch.

The most amazing thing is how her overall body shape has changed. We did not realize how much this was affecting her balance, but as she says: “I have learned to walk again (5 times since birth) each time with different issues.”

These cells should keep multiplying and creating improvements. Randina and I are thrilled to share this update and hope it will help others. Stay tuned for future good news and thank you to all of our friends and supporters.

Keep sharing her story and pray for her continued improvement- Thank You, mom