Thursday, October 11, 2018

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Monday, October 1, 2018

Stemedix Review: Douglas S. (Collegeville, PA)

Easy and professional the entire package ran like clockwork. Everyone was very helpful and friendly. The facilities, the accommodations, and the car service were all excellent. Now, I have my fingers crossed that the treatment works.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Stemedix Review: Robert B. (Jacksonville, FL)

My experience with Stemedix has been the best medical assistance I have received since my ailment. I will not hesitate to share my experience with anyone.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Stemedix Review: Gus N. (Land O Lakes, FL)

The staff was great, I'm yet to see results since I'm only into my third week post treatment for PD. feeling better though

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Friday, August 31, 2018

Stemedix Review: Willie G. (Detroit, MI)

To all that have an ear, let them hear. My experience with Stemedix was great. When I arrived in Florida I was met at the airport by a guy holding a sign with my name on it. He took me to my hotel. He later came back to take me to my initial appointment at Stemedix. The staff was professional and friendly, I felt at ease. When they took me back to the hotel I explored the town. The amenities that were offered were spectacular. Bars, restaurants, and shops were in walking distance, the views and people where great, food was great.  It was a Tuesday evening and the crowd in town was like a weekend crowd. Finally, about my treatment. I have stage five Kidney disease and diabetes. The treatment for my problems took less than an hour, it has only been a week and I have not been examined by my Doctor yet, but already I have noticed some differences in some things. I will continue to monitor my condition and hope to see continued improvement. I would recommend Stemedix to anyone hoping to improve their medical issues. I'll update you on my condition in the coming months. Sincerely, Willie

Stemedix Review: Burt T. (Idaho Falls, ID)

It's only a week since my treatment and I was able to use my stationary bike this morning.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Stemedix Review: Michael H. (Wantage, NJ)

I was diagnosed with MS back in 2002. Since then I had been slowly declining & had gone through so many medications for this disease to help slow it down but I did not have the good luck that others have had in controlling it. I needed to try something new that I had heard good things about. I was able to cross paths with another fellow that also had MS that had gone to Stemedix & had good results. I went forward with it & I cannot say anything negative about this whole stem cell experience at Stemedix. I recently got treatment from there. The entire staff was caring , knowledgeable & professional. Dr Khan was great, as were Jackie, Bonnie & Fred. The next day after treatment I already noticed a difference for the better. I would definitely recommend Stemedix to anyone considering a stem cell treatment.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Stemedix Review: Rafael M. (Rogers, AR)

My family and me have noted few simple details as soon as few hours after the SC infusion like a relaxed face expression and like to be handy to manage a fork and a knife during lunch. This bring us hope about the overall results which we expect to experience in the incoming months.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Stemedix Review: Lore L. (Monterey, CA)

About 25+ years ago I was diagnosed with COPD and have been researching stem cell therapy for over a year, believing this treatment could be of benefit. I had considered several other facilities but chose Stemedix, Inc. since they offered the Wharton's Jelly stem cells. My first conversation with the Care Coordinator, Jackie, was very informative and I felt she was very knowledgeable, beyond a call coordinator, and a caring individual that I could communicate with very comfortably. She was incredibly generous with her time to answer all of my questions and put me at ease. Once I made the decision to move forward, I received a very professional package of information, proceeded to submit my medical history and set a date. Upon arrival in Delray Beach past midnight, a driver was there to take me to the hotel. Upon arrival at the hotel, I had a package waiting which included the schedule. The following three days went like clockwork with transportation to my HBOT appointments, the initial meeting with the doctor. He reviewed my medical records and the procedure that was to follow the next day. The treatment itself was extremely easy and took about one-half hour. Actually no worse than going for a blood test and the nebulizer treatment was not unknown to me. The Stemedix doctor and medical staff were wonderful. I had the opportunity to meet the Stemedix manager and another Care Coordinator, who also acted as my drivers on the treatment day. Their help was over the top - when I needed a prescription filled for an unrelated matter. One could not ask for a more caring group of people. I felt like I was dealing with old friends. On the last day, I had one more HBOT treatment, was taken back to the hotel for checkout and the driver picked me up back to the airport. The hotel was excellent with dining facilities, a beautiful pool and the beach across the street. Since my return home, I have had several calls from my Care Coordinator. Nice to keep in touch with a "friend". I have already referred a couple of other people and am now waiting for those little stem cells to do their work.

Stemedix Review: Joni Z. (Ponte Vedra Beach, FL)

Because this type of Stem Cell treatment is not FDA approved and there are no clinical trials or data, one has to REALLY go out and research. My entire neuroligical team was very much against it and I felt very alone and unsupported. What if they are right and I'm wrong? What if I spend all this money for nothing? But what if I don't, and my progression of symptoms continue to worsen? My choice to use Stemedix was made primarily by consitently talking with 2 Multiple Sclerosis patients that I found on an app called MS Buddy. Geoff had SCT 15 months ago and the other guy just 1 month ago. The most recent guy had STC with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therepy (HBOT). Both of these gentlemen were very satisfied with the treatment and anxious to welcome me to 'Team Normal.' It's only been 7 days since my SCT. Within 24 hours, I felt like a fog had been lifted from my brain. Within 48 hours, I walked just over a mile with my husband, which I hadn't been able to do in years. Within 3 days, my heat sensitivity diminished by at least 50%. The last 6 months, I consistently wake up with spastic legs & cramps, at least 3 to 4 times a night. For the last 6 nights in a row now, I have slept all night without waking up once. Stemedix tells you that you won't see the full benefits of the SCT for approximately 4-6 months. I believe the HBOT makes a huge difference in decreasing the inflamation and helping your body to heal itself. And because of this, I am seeing improvements much quicker than I could have hoped for. My hopes are that the SCT will also help with by left eye vision, depth perception, balance and gait. How long will this healing last? Time will tell because we just don't know yet. Would I recommend Stemedix? ABSOLUTELY! For the first time in several years, I am not just hopeful about my future, I'm excited! 

Friday, June 1, 2018

Stemedix Review: Daniele G. for wife Ana G. (Montreal, QC)

My wife Ana has MS, we did the stem cell treatment and 5 Hyperbaric chamber. Great experience, wonderful staff. We would like to thank Jackie, Becky and her team at St-Petersburg headquarters that took care of us from day one, Fred that drove us around the last few days of treatments, to Dr Khan who did the stem cell, to the HBOT therapist team for the hyperbaric and finally to the onetime taxi service. Will definitely contact Stemedix again for follow up treatment. Now crossing our fingers for the stem cells to do their job and get my wife back again.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Stemedix Review: Rob S. for wife Pamela D. (Covington, LA)

Responded to all questions about our procedure in the most professional and educated manner. Dr. Khan is extremely patient friendly.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Stemedix Review: Pieter V. for wife Brook (Okeechobee, FL)

Thank you Stemedix, the treatment experience was wonderful. From the time we arrived to the day we left we were treated like royalty. The hotel and transportation provided was really amazing. The doctor and assistance at his office was wonderful and they explained everything and made it very comfortable in every way possible. My wife has seen improvement in her energy levels and we are praying to see more improvement the next few months as we continue on this journey. Thank you Jackie Sell for all your help and always being friendly through all our questions and concerns. We highly recommend Stemedix to anyone seeking stem cell treatment! 

Stemedix Review: Lindsey G. (Mableton, GA)

I had stem cell done in 2016 for Multiple Sclerosis at Stemedix. I had recently spent a few months at the Shepherd Center and was in and out of a wheelchair prior to coming to see Dr. Brown. Most days I could not walk, I needed help to do basic functions and was on a huge bag full of pills to try and manage my symptoms. Stem Cell was a game changer for me! It is now 2018 and I have not had a relapse in 2 years (prior to stem cell I was averaging 3-4 relapses a month), my seizures are way down (I've had one in 6 months versus having 2 a day prior to stem cell). My wheelchair is in the basement gathering dust!! I feel and operate like a brand new person. And because of the benefits of stem cells, I am now off of three meds I used to need every day and two other meds I was able to cut the dosage in half. Not only have I regained my life and functionality back, I don't need near as much medicine to help keep my MS stable. All of the staff we interacted with were top professionals, the kindest and most knowledgeable people and helped walk us through the process with ease. I cannot give Dr. Brown and her staff enough praise for the work they are doing and how they treat their patients. I recommend stem cell to everyone I know. This is the future of MS therapy! I would do it again in a heartbeat, and hope to be able to do another stem cell round soon. 

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Stemedix Review: Robert W. (Goodhue, MN)

The entire process was great. From the first initial phone call we were treated with respect and caring.The staff did all the work for us, all we had to do was to get there. The hotel was ready with the equipment needed for our stay, transportation staff were friendly and helpful and always on time. Thank you so much !!

Stemedix Review: Don T. (Indianapolis, IN)

Was pleased but too early for me to assume an improvement.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Stemedix Review: Michael G for wife, Michelle R. (Meadville, PA)

we had a great experience and everyone was so friendly the only downside was we are from pennsylvania and we drove so it was tiring and took alot out of shelly. looking forward to seeing some results but either way we would not have changed a thing. thank you for a great experience.