Friday, March 30, 2018

Stemedix Review: Michael G for wife, Michelle R. (Meadville, PA)

we had a great experience and everyone was so friendly the only downside was we are from pennsylvania and we drove so it was tiring and took alot out of shelly. looking forward to seeing some results but either way we would not have changed a thing. thank you for a great experience.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Stemedix Review: Jonathon V. (Parkland, FL)

This was definitely a great experience .I have been living with ms for 3 years and its been downhill since Sarah was very helpful with getting all my records together. Total process was about 6 months from first call to procedure date due to finalize all of my tests .well worth the money spent.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Stemedix Review: Tashia S. (Smyrna, GA)

My Experience thus far with Stemedix has been great from the first call, to the hotel, to the staff/doctors, even down to the professional drivers and quality car services that they provided! I'll circle back around once the Stem Cells have had a chance to work in my body as I just had the procedure done a few days ago :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Stemedix Review: Kris G. for her husband, Robert G. (Houston, TX)

My husband has suffered from a number of strokes. When we first heard about Stem Cell Therapy for Stroke it interested him so much, he was immediately on the internet looking for a place to have it done. A family member found and directed us to strongly consider Stemedix and are so thankful. From the very first phone call with our Caregiver, Sarah, it was a wonderful experience. It took us about 4 months to gather the funds for the treatment and throughout that time Sarah guided us every step of the way with kindness and professionalism. She was available by email and phone, and always seemed to have plenty of time to address our questions and concerns. It was a very happy day for us when my husband was accepted as a patient and a treatment plan was revealed. The materials they sent were very helpful in helping us understand the HBOT and Stem Cell treatments they recommended. The trip could not have been more relaxing and stress-free. The hotel was lovely with full restaurants and others within walking distance. All our transportation was provided to the appointments for HBOT therapy and the Doctor visits, and the drivers were friendly and respectful. The pre-treatment meeting with the Doctor and the Anesthesiologist put our minds at ease. Treatment day was easy with no complications. He started seeing slight improvement the next day. We were just amazed and still are to this day that Stem Cells from his abdominal fat can heal his brain. Each week he is getting stronger and seeing improvement. Glory to God and praise to Stemedix for giving us hope of a more active life. We strongly recommend Stemedix to anyone contemplating Stem Cell therapy.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Stemedix Review: Javier H. (Moorestown, NJ)

Everything was clear from the beginning, getting the information, making sure I had all the answers and later setting up the appointment. Sarah was great and one of the reasons I decided to do it. Once I got there all went very smooth and personnel was great. Thanks